Common Questions

Below are questions we get fairly regularly. Have a question for us that's not covered? Contact us to learn more!
  1. Can I try on tuxedo or suit options in my size before we make a final decision?

    The Tux Shop on Woodward offers our wedding customers an exclusive complimentary groom try-on that will allow you to try on your styles in your size before you decide. Having confidence in the clothing you wear on your event day is an important part of The Tux Shop on Woodward experience.
  2. How much will I be charged to register my wedding?

    There is a $20 registration that locks in your wedding party promotion. This sets up the promotion and allows your group to enjoy the special savings and services that only The Tux Shop on Woodward offers.
  3. If I bring in a swatch of my bridesmaid or prom dress swatch, can you show me samples of a matching vest and tie?

    Absolutely. We have 100's of different color combinations to look at within our store. Every year our distributors work closely with dress and vest manufacturers to match a wide variety of colors.
  4. Do you have samples of all your tuxedos in the store? Or, would I mostly pick out of a catalog?

    All of the options are available to view in the shop. There is no need to pick your attire from a catalog. Visit The Tux Shop on Woodward to see the exciting styles and colors in person.
  5. Can you accommodate same day deliveries for party members who need last minute changes?

    Yes. The Tux Shop on Woodward is equipped to make adjustments to orders with back up merchandise and basic alteration services on the premises. Should a larger change be necessary, our Metro Detroit based Service Center is nearby to support additional changes within 24 hours.
  6. Can you show me the tuxedos you offer for a ringbearer discount?

    All boys 12 years and younger are priced with a special discount on ALL styles.

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